Why a non-profit organisation should hire a professional designer for its Infographics?

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Web designing is going through a constantly changing phase, where new styles and graphics have been incorporated everytime to gain more visibility. Infographic in this concern has gathered immense popularity. The story telling ability of such websites allowed the visitors to understand everything in a lucid manner. Therefore, for businesses, which are looking for more profit can add infograhic features onto their site. However, the non-profit organizations can equally enjoy considerable amount of advantages even if their motive is not related to profit.

Infographics can be defined as visual representation of information. It has the capability to make the visitors curious about your site. The appealing nature of the graphics used in the site along with the bars, graphs, pictures can build up trust factor encouraging the visitors to be a part of the NGO.

Where to use?

In case, you are not sure about the nature of custom infographics that can be included in your website, ask a professional designer for guidance. The motto of these graphics is to make your site more interactive and convey data in a simplified manner. It even tries to please the viewers and encourage them to share the information in various networking sites. Writing thousands of words may not appeal, until and unless the readers go through it. But infographics can easily do this task with its visual representation.

Graphics can be implemented in various ways; thereby sharing organization’s message to the online visitors in a fun-filled manner.

– Reports

Even though you are a nonprofit organization, but your members or workers ought to know every aspect of the institution. It can be reports on the steps, which you have taken for the month or development for the year. But usually, these are confusing and at times long as well. Now, if you put the entire report in a textual format, there will be a few people who will read it, because of its dull and dry nature. But, if you use infographics and convey your message using colorful graphics, the approach of your annual or monthly report will be more interesting and easy to understand as well. Summarizing complex reports has never been so easy, since the intrusion of infographics.

– History

Every organization, irrespective of its nature, has a history. You definitely like to share it with your visitors and let them know the milestones you have crossed. What about a pictorial description of your proud moment? You can add pictures of your organization and how it changed with passage of time. Achievements are also a part of your history, which you can definitely share in your website and get recognized for the success. These add trust on your company, which is vital especially in a virtual world.

– Awareness

NGO is all about creating awareness about various social issues, like HIV, Cancer, Deforestation, Child molestation and so on. If you want to leave an impact in the mind of the viewers, infographics is the best tool. You can promote your program with the creative graphics touch and gather support for the reason of your fight.

Infographics is an excellent solution for drawing more traffic towards any website. A professional designer can implement the right design, highlighting the reason of its existence in the World Wide Web.


  • Sia A
    on February 28, 2013 Reply

    This should be in infographic form. Why is it not in infographic form?

    • Adrien de Broglio
      on March 8, 2013 Reply

      Thanks for your comment, this is an informative article, I’ll make a tutorial to create an infographic in Photoshop and Illustrator.

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