Quick Tip – Save your Favorite Styles in Photoshop

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When I’m working on a project in Photoshop, I tend to use a lot of Layer Styles. Here’s how to save new Layer Styles.

It can be very useful to save a nice shadow style or a glow effect that you like it if you want to apply this same layers styles on different layers and in different documents to save it to use it in the future, this can be very time saving, having you’re favorite styles directly.

Step 1 – Export from Illustrator

Open the window of the layer styles you want to save, select New Style… on the right of the window, name the new style like you want and click OK.

Your new style should appear in the Styles panel, to open this panel, go to Window – Styles. To apply this style, just select the layer you want to apply it on and select your style in the Styles panel.

You can use this tip for any style in Photoshop. Leave us a comment if you’ve got some requests for the next Quick Tip.

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