Quick Tip - Convert Layer Styles into Layers in Photoshop

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In this Quick Tip, we’ll learn how to Convert Layer Styles into Layers in Photoshop to be able to edit and modify them easily.

Layer Styles are very useful in Photoshop, you can create awesome effects using them but you can’t edit them like other layers, you can just use the options available, here’s a way to convert those Layer Styles into Layers to be able to add Filters or any other tools on these Layer Styles individually.

Step 1 – Convert Layer Styles into Layers

Load any project you want to test this tip in Photoshop, I used a Geometric Print Project i’m working on.

I applied a few Layer Styles on those geometric shapes.

Now we have our Layer Styles let’s convert them into Layers, Right Click on the Layer Styles under your layer into the Layer Panel and select Create Layers.

This will create new Layers from your Layer Styles, a Clipping Mask was created automatically on those new layers, to undo it right click on the clipped layer and select Release Clipping Mask.

That’s it for this Quick Tip, using it can be useful if you want to modify and transform the Layer Styles in a project. Leave me a comment if you’ve got some requests for the next Quick Tip.


  • Jaka
    on April 27, 2013 Reply

    Simple trick but is very usefull exactly when we want to edit layer style.

  • Su Hall
    on May 10, 2013 Reply

    Very good tutorial! I use this for nearly all of my drop shadows. Before I do anything else to the layer, I simply click to add the shadow, then, as you have shown, I turn it into a layer. With the shadow on it’s own layer, I can move it around, add more blur, reduce it’s opacity, or warp it into a more custom made shadow. Then, if there are other layer styles to add I add them to the original layer.
    Thank you!

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