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In this first Interview on SupercolorTuts, I had the opportunity to interview the awesome Illustrator GodMachine.

Since I started design, I’ve been a fan of his artwork, the details and colors he uses are just amazing, I hope you guys like and learn more about GodMachine and his work.

You can see more about GodMachine’s work here:


1 – Welcome to Supercolortuts, first of all, I would like to thank you for doing this interview, I would like to start by asking you when did your passion for Illustration started?

I remember drawing a picture of Jimmy Hendrix and Mickey Mouse and showing my mate Bumpy, he loved it. My mum always encouraged me to do whatever made me happy and would let me draw on anything.


2 – Which Artist would you say inspired your art?

Beardsley, Clarke, The biz, Chet Zar, Schiele, and everyone I come across today. The Internet is so amazing that I can reach out over time and space and find those without fame to inspire me and touch me. Some I am even lucky enough to call friends now


3 – Describe us a little of your creative process while creating a new Illustration.

I get a brief that is either specific of loose, loose ones are the best, tight ones seem to live in their minds more than yours, then sketch out a few messy thumbnails mostly for composition. Then maybe some research, more sketches and then delve straight into it on Photoshop with lots of luck and coffee.


4 – Could you share with us your workspace and what’s Godmachine daily routine?

Wake up, feed cats, go to work, answer emails, check out some good sites like OMG posters or Inside the Rock Poster Frame or FFFFound then answer more emails then as the sun starts to set start work for real. Then its 4 in the morning and a long walk home to feed the cats.


5 – How did you develop your style and how would you describe it?

I couldn’t describe my style, at all and if I did it would all come out avoiding positive. I think my style, and most peoples style come from mimicking other people but eventually letting it go and any positive things stay. It’s like when you sing a Johnny Cash song; You sing his words but you sing them in your voice and eventually you are confident to write your own songs and try new things.


6 – Which is your favorite Illustration so far and why?

I couldn’t say, probably a lot of Louis Wain stuff from his normal every day cats to his unstable mental state of psychedelic cats. I just love that honesty about his work, it was not for any praise other than his wife and himself. I love that.


7 – What is the best thing you like about being an Illustrator?

Being able to do what you love daily, meeting great people, working for yourself and making things.


8 – Your work is printed on many different supports, T-Shirts, Prints, Skateboards… What’s the best support you like to see your work printed on?

Paper! I love seeing my work printed on paper. I love tees and boards but to see it as big as a poster and know that someone likes your work as art, not as a product makes me feel good.


9 – What’s the 5 website you couldn’t live without?

I’m really at the point where I could do without it all right now, I still love books, I still buy a lot of books, I could easily live without them all and speak to all my friends overseas on email. I do very much enjoy tumblr for seeing what people love though, I add all the pages I can to be force fed a constant stream of inspiration. and I love things I like to use as a scrapbook.


10 – Thanks for your time, what would be your advice for every kid starting our as a artist?

Ignore loud mouths and ask quiet people questions, listen to them.



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