Gameboy Cartridge Icon Freebie

March 5, 2013 by in category Freebies, Icons with 2 and 0

Today’s Freebie is a Gameboy Cartridge Icon I created for fun.

I’m a kid from the 80’s and my first game device was a grey gameboy with Tetris, played a lot of hours staring at this black and white screen, I thought it could be cool to create a gameboy cartridge icon to use as a folder or HDD icon. Enjoy !

You can download the icon in 4 sizes: 64x64px – 128x128px – 256x256px – 512x512px

I’ve released the icon blank without a game sticker on it, if you want to customize this cartridge icon with your own sticker, here a quick way to do it in Photoshop:

Open up the 512x512px version of the cartridge icon in Photoshop, select the Rounded Rectangle Tool (U) and create a 335x300px shape with a 10px radius for the rounded corners, place this shape where the sticker should be like in the exemple below:

Add a Drop Shadow Layer Style on this shape, Layer – Layer Style – Drop Shadow with those parameters:

Next load the image you’d like to use for the sticker in Photoshop and drag it into the icon document, place it on the sticker shape and create a Clipping Mask, Layer – Create Clipping Mask. Save your icon as a .png file and you’re done.


  • Cocon44
    on August 22, 2014 Reply

    Cette Cartouche de Game Boy irait bien pour Zelda Link’s Awakening et Kirby Dream Land.

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