Create an Origami Swan Logo in Photoshop

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Create an Origami Logo in Photoshop with this tutorial, learning techniques with blending modes and layer masks.


Step 1 – New Document

Create a new document in Photoshop (mine in 1200 x 800px) with a white background.

Step 1

Step 2 – Drawing the Head Part

Now we are going to draw the swan parts, create a new layer by clicking on this icon in the layer panel.

New Layer

Name it head and select the pen tool (make sure this option is selected).

Pen Tool Option

Draw a path like below, I’ve choose a different colour for each part so it’s easier to work.

Step 2

Step 3 – Other Parts

Create five layer name them neck, left wing, left wing top, tale and right wing
Then in each layer draw a path like in the previous step with the pen tool.

Step 3

Step 4 – Reorganise Layers and Parts

Reorganise your layers in the layer panel to see the final shape; you should have something like this.

Step 4

Step 5 – Blending Options

Now let’s apply some drop shadow on the different parts, select the head layer and double click on it or on the menu layer – layer style – blending options. In the blending option panel make sure that the layer mask hides effect and the vector mask hides effect options are selected.

Step 5

Step 6 – Drop Shadow

Go to the drop shadow panel, and enter 3px for distance and 6px for the size and uncheck the use global light option.
Apply this layer style to all the other part layers except for the right wing layer by right clicking on the head layer to select copy layer style then select the other part layers, right click and select paste layer style.
You can change the angle, the distance, the size and lower the opacity of the drop shadow in each layer like you prefer it by returning to the drop shadow option.

Step 6

Step 7 – Pixellate

Select all the layers with a part of the origami in it and right click – Pixellate

Step 8 – Layer Mask and Drop Shadow

Now we are going to erase the shadow that shouldn’t appear on the logo, select the head layer create a layer mask.

Step 8

Make a selection of the head by doing ctrl + click on it, go to selection-inverse selection, select the brush tool (B), take a soft rounded brush of 45px.
Make sure you selected the layer mask and start to erase the shadow. Do the same process for each layer

Step 9 – Colour

The next step is all about putting colour on each part, I used a gradient layer style for each part but you can colour them like you want, I used a red to white gradient for the neck and the tale and used a blue to white for the rest of the parts. Go to layer – layer style – gradient overlay

Step 10 – Shadow

Create a new group Layer – New – Group name It Origami Logo and select all the layers except the background and transfer them into the new group.
Create a new layer name it shadow, select the ellipse marquee tool, make a oval selection, fill it with black, to do that make sure your background colour is black and press Ctrl+Backspace, and deselect it Ctrl+D.
Then apply a Gaussian Blur Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur of around 7 – 9 pixels and click OK, move the layer behind the swan group change the opacity to 60% and put the shadow just under the swan, then duplicate the shadow layer and move it to the right, change the opacity to 25%.

Gaussian Blur

Step 10

Now you just need too put your company or website name and your done, if you want to do the same origami text that’s in the final image use the same techniques we used to make the swan
Leave me a comment if you’ve got any question

Final Image

Final Image


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