Create an Angry Bird Character in Photoshop Version 2

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In this Tutorial, we’ll learn how to create a cool Angry Bird. To draw this first you must have enough skills to draw some shapes, which you will see in the proceeding section. To draw this you must learn the following cool tricks.

– Usage of clipboard and their levels.
– Usage of layers and elliptical tools to draw basic structure.
– Use of Color tool to assign HD colors to this little bird.
– Use of Arc Tool.
– Use of Marquee Tool.
– Use of ruler as a guide.

To draw this shape use the following Tools.

– Use Elliptical Marquee Tool to draw elliptical shape.
– Use of Color tool. You can use shortcut for color selecting color tool using Shift+F5.
– First draw circle using this tool. Use stretching tool to stretch circular shape. Elliptical shape will be formed.
– Use the Arch Tool to draw this arc. After drawing first arc you can copy paste same arch. Invert and flip the first arc to draw second arc.

Use this technique to draw the following shape :

– Use the Ellipse Tool to draw the hairs of angry bird. The trick behind this is draw two oval shapes
– These shapes should merge into the large oval shape.
– Use Rotating Tool, resize tool to rotate and resize the oval shape.
– Sizes must be decided at your own you must manage this according to angry bird looks.
– Here we used multiple color to draw these shapes, you can draw according to your own wish either you want to use multiple color or use single color for simplicity if your aim is only end result.

Draw Tail of Angry Bird :

– It’s very simple to draw this tai, use build in shape tool to select an arrow shape.
– Adjust the size of arrow by placing that arrow behind the above shape.

Draw V Shape Using the Line Tool :

– Use the Line Tool to draw V shape. Select 3 points using the Line Tool.
– Middle point must be below and a little left on the point of intersection of arcs.
Use the Ruler Tool as a guide to draw different shapes.

Draw Eyes and Nose Using Arc & Elliptical Tools :

– Draw the left eye using the Arc or Ellipse Tool. Use a V shape as a basic building structure.
– The arc should start from the left end of the V shape to the mid of the V shape.
– The area of the arc must be adjusted by proper measurement to get accuracy.
– In the same way draw the right eye using the same tool. Care must be taken while drawing the right eye.

Draw Eye Ball Arc & Filling :

– First draw arc in the eye portion & fill it with any desired color.
– Use Paint bucket tool to fill that eye portion with color.
– If you don’t know how to select paint bucket tool just press G paint bucket tool will be selected automatically.
Selection of color will be done manually.

Use Single Color for shape drawing :

– We used multiple colors to draw the different shapes. This was for a better understanding of this tutorial to draw each shapes. Use a single color to draw all shapes.

Fill the Angry Bird with Desired Colors :

Download the PNG File : Angry Bird PNG

See the First Version of to draw an Angry Bird at


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