Create a Letter App Icon in Photoshop

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In this Tutorial, we’ll learn how to create a nice Letter App Icon using Layers Styles and Text, you can use this icon in your dock or for your new app.

Icon design has been coming back since Apps are on all our devices, I really enjoy creating some new App Icons, all have the same shape but can be unique. Here’s a quick way to create a simple Letter App Icon.


Step 1 – THE New Document and Shape

Open up Photoshop and create a new document, for the size I used 620x620px.

Select the Rounded Rectangle Tool (U), click on the canvas and create a new shape, 435x435px with a 75px radius.

Add some layer styles on this shape to add some colour and effects.


Step 2 – Texture

Let’s add a little texture on the icon, I’ve released a Free Vector Illustrator Texture Pack 1, download it and choose from the 6 textures, drag the one you like into the Letter App icon document. if you don’t have Illustrator, just copy one of the textures from the post.

Make a selection of the original shape we created in Step 1, (Ctrl+Left Click on the small thumbnail of the original shape in the Layers panel).

Create a Layer Mask on the Texture layer, Layer – Layer Mask – Reveal Selection.

Invert the colours on this texture, Image – Adjustments – Invert or Ctrl+I, then change the blending mode to Screen and the Fill to 50%.


Step 3 – Text

Select the typo you like and type a letter in the centre of the App Icon shape, I used a font called Code Pro and typed an «S» for SupercolorTuts in white.

Now we have our letter, let’s add a shadow and gradient Layer Styles to it with those parameters.

That’s it for this Tutorial, Just using a few tools and techniques you can create a lot of different styles of App Icons and apply this process to your own. Feel free to leave me a comment if you need help or share your creations.



  • Linda
    on September 17, 2013 Reply

    Icon looks quite nice, thanks for the tutorial! :)

  • Megaverse
    on January 18, 2014 Reply

    Really nice… must be admired

  • jmdaxia
    on February 13, 2015 Reply


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