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Published on April 12th, 2013 | by Adrien | Supercolor


Adobe CS6 Custom Flat Icons Freebie

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Hey Designers, today’s Freebie is a set of custom Adobe CS6 flat Icons to replace the adobe softwares icons. In this pack you will find custom CS6 software icons, Files icons and Filetype icons with some nice soft colours. Feel free to use them to customize your Adobe programs.

Update : The icon pack as been updated, I’ve added the .icns files for Mac OSX and .ico files for Windows


CS6 Software Icons

CS6 Software Icons with white letters

CS6 File Icons

CS6 File Type Icons


Enjoyed this Post? Please Help spread the word and Share it!

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8 Responses to Adobe CS6 Custom Flat Icons Freebie

  1. Love these! I wish there one was for Acrobat, but I guess it would just be an A :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. James Mc says:

    These are awesome, but how do you change the icons?

    • I’ve updated the pack, you’ll find the .icns files if you want to customize in Mac OSX and the .ico files if you want to customize your CS6 programs in Windows

  3. kyotohongaku says:

    These are great!
    And what’s the font?

  4. mason says:

    if you want to change the icons in mac OS X, you need to go to finder, then go to the application folder. Right click the app you want the icon to be changed, and click “show package contents”. Then, go to resources, find the icon you want to replace, and move it somewhere else for safe keepings. rename the icon you want to use to the icon you just moved. drag it into the folder, and you got the awesome icon you want.

    took me a while to find this out so I thought I would pass the word on!

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