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Published on July 31st, 2013 | by Adrien | Supercolor


15 Best Free Photoshop Plugins, Actions and Extensions

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Photoshop is an amazing, powerful software for graphic design, but it’s always nice to add a few extras to save time or process your work with new tools. Here’s a selection of free plugins, extensions and actions to speed up your workflow, help you in your daily tasks.


- Photoshop Plugin by Roy Barber

Make everything Flat using this simple photoshop plugin. No shadows or gradients, only flat and simple.


- Layer Guides Photoshop Extension by Gaston Fig

Layer Guides places guides around a layer (top, right, bottom, and left sides) and also on its vertical or horizontal center.


- GuideGuide Photoshop Extension by Cameron McEfee

An other Extension to quickly create guide on your canvas, set the number of columns, the space between the guides and save your favorite guides.


- Trevor Morris Photoshop Scripts by Trevor Morris

12 New Photoshop Tools in this Extension, Horizontal Spacing, Vertical Spacing, Center layer, Rename Layers, Sort Layers, Find Layer, Hide All Layers, Show All Layers, Import Folder as Layers, Layers to Comps, Duplicate Image and Array Generator.


- Remove Unused Layer Styles Photoshop Extension by Ray PS

Clean Up unused Layer Styles on your layers with a click using this extension.


- Expanding Smart Objects Photoshop Script by Kamil Khadeyev

Expand your Smart Objects in Photoshop using this script and get all the layers from the Smart Object in a new group.


- Retinize It Photoshop Actions by Artiom Dashinsky

Those Photoshop Actions will help you optimize your designs for retina displays.


- AutoSave by Ashung Hung

Automatically save all documents every 5 Minutes/10 Minutes/15 Minutes/30 Minutes/1 Hour.


- Split to Layers Photoshop Script by Shadowxaf

This script will separate each contiguous group of pixels to its own layer.


- Remove Copy from Layer Name Photoshop Script by Mike Hale

This Photoshop Script will rename all or selected layers removing “copy” from the layer name.


- NKS5 – Natural Media Toolkit Photoshop Extension by Nkurence

NKS5 provides a collection of natural media, texturing and production tools in a custom palette.


- iOS7 Blur Photoshop Action by Matt D. Smith

Use this Photoshop action to reproduce the blur effect on the iOS7 control center.


- Cut&Slice Me Photoshop Plugin by Daniel Peruho

Export your assets to different devices in second and improve your workflow by just renaming your layers.


- Export Photoshop Action by Scott Bates

Export any layer, folder or smart object in your photoshop document using this photoshop action.


- Transform Each Beta Photoshop Script by Kamil Khadeyev

Illustrator Transform Each feature in Photoshop. Transform a group of layers, it transforms each of selected layers as it was transformed individually.


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